Manhattan Bride Cover Shoot

There are two parts to what we do that we love. One, we love making a woman feel and look beautiful on such an important day and two, we love the feeling we get seeing our work in a photograph.  There’s nothing like seeing someone that is gorgeous and knowing you had a part in the overall look.  Doing photoshoots are so much fun for us because we know our work will get captured at it’s best and we will get the photos to share. We were lucky enough to get the chance with Manhattan bride and not only be able to share but, have our work on newstands everywhere! We were so excited at the opportunity. We had worked with Manhattan Bride for their Spring issue last year. Our work was featured on the inside of their magazine. After the amazing feedback on the looks we created for the inside of that issue, we were asked to do the cover of their Fall issue!  Imagine the excitement then.  At the time, I was 8 months pregnant! The shoot was scheduled on my due date.  I knew it was a good possibility I would go nto labor early so I took a chance and said I would do it!! I really didn’t want to pass it up for me or my team.  We had just wrapped doing hair and make up for a movie shoot in the city and at 8 months I was able to work that out lol. So, this would be no different.  In the end it all did!  My daughter arrived two weeks early and I had just enough time to recover and make it to this shoot in New Jersey.  It was a long day of shooting but, an experience I’ll have forever. To see this cover and this magazine I am so proud.  I hope you enjoy!!    The link is to their 3d magazine online.




(the night of the Magazine launch party in the city)

(Cover) Hair  Ashley Stone, Make Up Kyle Samolik

Inside of the magazine we have a few features and another model with hair done by Ashley Stone and Make Up by Nicole O’Hare.




Wedding Day Hair Preparation

It’s getting close to your big day and you have a million things going through your head… the dress, the flowers, the music, the invitations, and of course… your hair!

Many brides want to grow out their hair for the big day. However, before you go months without a trim there are definitely things you should know from the professionals.  Ashley Stone, owner of Beauty Entourage shares her wedding day preparation hair tips.

  • When your ends begin to split they cause breakage and brittle hair. Brittle hair has no shine, is dull, and creates frizzy ends.  It is also harder to curl hair with dead ends.
  • When growing your hair, you should be trimming about a 1/2 inch every 8-10 weeks.  Your ends trimmed do not effect how fast your hair grows but does keep those ends from breaking off.
  • If you have a lot of split ends, a couple inches worth, and you don’t want to trim that much you can deep condition once a week to help mend and smooth them out.  Penetrait Deep conditioner by Sebastian is one of my favorites.  Also, Schwarzkopf Q10 has an amazing shampoo, condition, and leave in spray that reconstructs the hair.
  •  Most over the counter shampoo and conditioners are either loaded with Protein to disguise the hair with extra softness or are very drying.  Too much protein weighs the hair down and breaks it.  A clarifying shampoo once a week is ideal to remove build up of oils or product. This is ideal for someone that only washes their hair every few days, has oily hair, or uses a lot of styling products. It helps give the hair a clean slate.  I recommend KMS Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo.
  • Do not deep condition your hair any closer than a week before your wedding day. When the hair is too soft it will not hold a curl as well.
  • Avoid any product in the hair the day of the wedding. Clean and dry hair is best.  Clarifying the morning of or the night before is a good tip.
  •  Coloring before the big day should be done about two weeks before. This allows time for the color to “settle”. It won’t look like that newly fresh just dyed my hair look. The color softens and looks more natural. Also, depending on the color you do, for darker colors you don’t want to risk having any color staining on the skin.
  •  Never wax the week of the wedding also. If you need any facial waxing, that should be done 1 week to 2 weeks before.

Airbrush Makeup

At Beauty Entourage we get so many questions as to what the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup.  We are HUGE fans of airbrush makeup especially for special events because airbrush creates a flawfless, longer-lasting look for the entire day & night.  Airbrush makeup is also hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil and alcohol free, so its safe for even the most sensitive skin, no matter what age or condition.

Airbrush makeup is water-resistant so perspiration and tears are no longer a cosmetic problem. Simply blotting, not wiping away moisture will leave the Airbrush makeup in place without a streak. With over 16 hours of wear, Airbrush makeup will not fade or rub off on clothes, but yet can be easily washed away with soap and water.  Airbrush also feels very lightweight and so many of our clients say it feels like wearing no makeup at all yet the coverage is phenomenal and flawless. If you have a night full of dancing, a photo shoot, or simply want your makeup to be perfect all night long, airbrush is the way to go.  Give us a call or stop in to learn more! 

Below are some of our client’s that are lovers of our airbrush makeup!  Our makeup team does an awesome job with airbrush since they have all been specially trained and application of false lashes just seals the look! 🙂

Twists & Braids

The trend of the season is braids, braids, braids! From wedding up-dos to casual braid headbands, braids have made their mark for this season’s hair must-do.  Below are some of Beauty Entourage’s braided looks to inspire you for your next event.  The braided hairdo is romantic and classic yet never boring.