Veil or No Veil?

A lot of brides ask us if they should wear a veil or not on their wedding day.  The truth is, in a modern-day wedding, there are no rules with veils.  It is totally up to the bride and there is no right or wrong answer.  Since we see tons of brides throughout the year, we know that everyone has their own style and preference.  Maybe you do want a veil but want something more modern, we have seen it all!  You can also decide to make the veil as part of the ceremony and take it off for the reception.  Just let your hairdresser know what your choice is because veil or no veil- it’s an important part of your wedding day hairstyle.  Below are some options for everyone- veil-lovers or not! 🙂

{modern bride?  look at this gorgeous cage veil}

{not a lover of the veil? replace with a beautiful headpiece!}

{traditional bride but want to glam it up? Swarvorski crystals are your bff for veils}