Go for a pop of color

Wearing a bold lip on your wedding day doesn’t have to be something to shy away from. Its an easy way to make a statement that can be classic and timeless if done properly. Here are some tips to pulling off a bold hue on your lips.
1. Keep the eyes rather simple and neutral. A neutral eye, simple liner and natural lashes will let your lips be front and center. It will look more timeless in photos as well.
2. Keep the skin fresh and clean. Its tempting to go with full contouring and highlighting but that can distract from a classic look. Luminous, glowing skin with only make you look fresh and awake ok your big day.
3. Opt for a matte finish over a glossy red lip. Glossy red lips can be more messy than a matte color. If applied correctly, a matte lip will act like a stain through the night and will require less touch ups.
4. The most important tip is to discuss it with your makeup artist at your trial. There are to many options for red or bold lips. Talk to them about what you are comfortable with and they will recommend the best option for you. What is bold for some is tame for others, so a trial is the perfect time to try on some different shades. Update your artist after wearing the lip color so they can get you the right shade for touch ups on your big day.

Lash Extensions

Clients are always asking about Lash Extensions and are enamored by the look of them with no mascara!  That’s right, no mascara needed when you have lash extensions. You get the look every day without needing anything in addition.  We offer Lash extensions at our Salon, Salon Alexander. Lash extensions are a more permanent option that lasts up to 4 weeks. If you would like to maintain the extensions then you would fill every 2-4 weeks depending on how glamorous of a lash you have. The thicker fuller lashes require more touch up to maintain. The lash is attached to your natural lash with platinum bond glue and shed when your lashes shed! The life of each lash are always in different stages so lashes will shed at various times. Lashes are synthetic fiber and are hypoallergenic. We do offer two types of glues so if you do have very sensitive eyes or prone to allergies then we do still have an option for you!  For the month of March we have a special for a full set at $125. A $50 savings.   Otherwise a full set is $175 and fills range from $55-$75 based on a 2,3,or 4 week fill appt.  Fall in love with the latest salon addiction! Amazing option in the summer time to ditch the mascara but always have the look that your wearing it!

Before & AfterBefore & After

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2013 Wedding Trends by: Ashley Stone

Bridal Trends for 2013

Besides all the holiday excitement December is one of my favorite times of year. Wedding season has slowed down and it allows for some time to blog, write for some magazines and beauty sites and do some research for the trends hitting the runway for the next year. Bridal trends are no different than other must haves and must do’s throughout the year that are inspired by, fashion designers, celebs, and the go to hair stylists and make up artists in the industry. Every year the trends are a piece of something new and innovative mixed with a touch of something classic and sometimes vintage. The beauty of Bridal trends I find are most are timeless and regardless of what’s hot and what’s not, Brides seem to always find the perfect look that suits their style. My best advice is be inspired by what you see. Anything can be tweaked to suit your needs, your hair, or your face.

Trends seem to come about from what your favorite celebs wear on the red carpet to the runway. I find celebs and stylists also get inspired by the movies they are working on. The Gatsby will be hitting theaters in 2013 and those 1920’s styles will be hitting the aisle as well.
Vintage brides grow in popularity each year but to have so much inspiration tangible on the silver screen I expect to receive many requests for soft waves, pinup style sets, and birdcage veils. To really give yourself a different look, a faux bob can be created to give you that downstyle with the hair still off of your neck without much fuss. Here are some examples of the styles inspired by the 20’s


If the styling from the 20’s is not your thing maybe you will get inspired by the accessories inspired by that era. Birdcage veils are always a classic piece to give that vintage touch but if you want to stray away from a veil, maybe flowers are a good option!  Headbands and fascinators can either be used for the bride or the bridal party as well.


I personally love these looks and am always excited when they make it back to the top choices we see when we travel. Waves are a great style for short or long hair. It gives you the most out of your length. A spiral curl however will make your hair appear shorter. Waves can drop over time but still remain to give you that effortless look that is also big trend this season.
Who doesn’t want effortless looking beauty?

Going into a more modern and very popular look are braids! We’ve all seen some beautiful ways braids can be worn thanks to Pinterest! Waterfall braids are one of the most popular I get requested and I don’t see that changing. This technique of braiding can also give that halo effect a flower halo can give that will be popular but also look amazing with the texture of the waves. here are some photos of some of our own work that was requested most recently:


Braids Can also be incorporated into an upstyle


Low buns will be very popular with a clean finish. For a more simple look you can have your style more centered. For a more modern look and to create softness around the face, you can have a style more off to the side.




Make Up  this season is also another timeless trend that I love to see. Softer nude looks with one focal point that gives a pop of color. This is a look I feel translates well on everyone whether you wear alot of make up or prefer something more simple. How you play up the eyes can really vary and can give a soft accented effect or a dramatic smokey effect. I was always told they are the window to your soul so what better day to play them up is on the day you marry your soulmate!


Lashes are the ultimate way to add some drama.
Keep in mind, If you play up the eyes I would recommend a softer lip or nude lip. The key is too look fresh and flawless.
Smokey eyes are always a popular request but smokey with color? Yes! Smokey eyes can be done with color. It adds a beautiful effect to the eye and really makes them stand out.


The nude lip really helps to not take away from that one focal point, the eyes!

If you don’t wear alot of eye make up then you can play them more natural and wear a bolder lip.


or just go with the “no make up” lookImage

No matter your choice or your taste the make up trend is a clean flawless look. Light contouring to enhance your features and a soft glow. You can have one focal point or just a clean soft pallete. Your choices should always be made with what you feel most comfortable with. I think these trends can satisfy any bride’s style and thats what I love as an artist. I love to have options for my clients that can be suitable for every girl. 2013 trends do just that! No matter your skin or hair texture, a timeless look is easily accessible and right on trend with what you see on TV and the magazines! Because who doesn’t want to look and feel like themselves and a celebrity on a day that all eyes are on you!

DIY Winged Eyeliner

Sometimes it’s fun to play with makeup and try new things.  At Beauty Entourage we are always experiencing with new makeup trends, colors, and styles. A pretty easy DIY technique is the Winged Eyeliner.  It’s perfect for a night out and brightens your eyes and makes them look more sultry and almond-shaped.  All you need is a black liquid liner, some  neutral eye shadow, a little concealer and some great mascara. Voila, you have “Cleopatra Eyes.”

STEP  1:

Apply Concealer to the under eye area & over the top eyelid. This will create the perfect base for your liner, by evening out your skin tone, preventing smudging and helping your liner last longer.


Apply a neutral Eye shadow colour to your top lid from the lash line to your brow bone.


Start by drawing on liner with wild abandon- the beauty is, you can create a winged line in the clean up.  Apply your eyeliner (best to use liquid or gel) along your top lash line, with light feathery strokes. Apply from your Inner eye- Middle eye – Outer eye, taking it out a little further then usual. Go over the line to fill in any gaps and to build up a darker line.


Use a creamy concealer to clean up your line. Using a concealer brush, sweep under your eye, taking it all the way out to the corner and following the underneath of your eyeliner. By cleaning up under the eyeliner it creates a nice sharp line.

Ghouls Night Out

Thank you to everyone who attended Ashley’s RAW event last night at the Russian Lady!  You can also nominate Ashley Stone aka Blondie for RAW Hair Stylist of the year. You can vote daily until the 15th! Once nominated she will compete against other stylists and get the chance to represent CT! GO VOTE! http://www.rawartists.org/ashleystone

Our PINK Hair for Hope kicked off this month and so far it is going amazing.  If you have not yet, stop in to get your pink strand for only $10 and 100% of proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.  We are located at 32 Fenn Road in Newington. 🙂

Another way to help out the Breast Cancer Research Fund is to attend our next event which we get extremely excited about every year is our infamous Ghoul’s Night Out!  It is our 5th annual Ghou’sl Night and it is one of our favorite nights because we love seeing everyone’s amazing costumes and ideas!  Maybe you are dressing as a princess or emulating Natalie Portman’s look in Black Swan- either way, our hair and makeup team will be sure to perfect your costume.  Make sure to call us at (860) 667-7722 to reserve a slot! 🙂

October 26-27th

Friday 5-8pm

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  • $25 for hair OR makeup
  • $40 for BOTH hair and makeup

Bring in WHATEVER ideas you have and we will make it work!!  Just to get some creative juices flowing… a few inspirations we found below!

French Princess Costume

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Our makeup artists always get the request for the “Smokey Eye”.  Here are a few quick DIY tips.

What you’ll need:

3 eyeshadows – one light, one medium and one dark.
A soft black kohl pencil one that smudges easily. If you are doing a colored smokey eye though, have a play with a matching liner (eg for purple smoky eyes you can use a dark plum colored pencil)
Eyeshadow brushes – at least one blending brush (long, soft and loose hairs)
Black Mascara – whatever your favorite is, dramatic is always good for an intense eye makeup.

An Eyeshadow base or primer – to help give your eyeshadow intensity and keep it all on and in place all night without creasing.
Under eye concealer and a concealer brush
A few tissues and cotton tips (tissues to get excess product off brushes if necessary, cotton tips to remove any product from where it shouldn’t be)

smokey eye diy

Boudoir ❤

Ladies, have you done a Boudoir photo shoot yet?  It is the perfect gift for a special someone in your life or even just to feel sexy and confident.  Many of our brides are giving boudoir photo books as the groom’s wedding gift and they also serve as the perfect  anniversary gift as well!  At Salon Alexander, we have some gorgeous classy & sexy looks for your boudoir shoot.  Call us today to learn about Boudoir makeup and hair  packages.  We had an amazing boudoir fashion show this year with Parsons Photography and the Salon Alexander team pulled off the beautiful and sultry hair and makeup.

Lip Service

‘Tis the season to go bold or go home.  Our talented makeup artists have recommended that this season, do not be shy to wear some lip color.  Even if you are the type to wear just a little clear gloss, there is a color for you. Since every complexion is very different, it is important to try new things.  Maybe you have a special event coming up?  Salon Alexander does professional airbrush and traditional makeup application and your artist can work with different colors to see what works best for your hair and skin color.  Here are some of the hottest lip colors this season.

{dark berry lips.  a twist from the classic apple red, this look is perfect for fall}

{coral lips, the perfect early fall twist}

{Emily Blunt wearing hot pink!  The key to brighter lipsticks is to do a simple eye so that you do not look overdone}

Fall Weddings

Weddings in September and October and even early November have an advantage in New England- the beautiful scenery.  The colors of New England in the fall are breathtaking.  Are any of you planning a fall wedding or have had a fall wedding?  We would love to see your ideas and pictures and feature them on our blog! Just add on Beauty Entourage’s Facebook page! 🙂

Here are a few of our fall wedding favorites.

Fall wedding Fall wedding Fall wedding

{loving the orange & yellow warm fall colors for a beautiful fall wedding}

Wedding Makeup Ideas from Fall 2012 Fashion Week

{fall is all about color.  Try a bold lipstick to bring out the warmth in your face and hair}

Love the hair.    Southern Fall Wedding: Tiffany + Zach

{simple yet elegant side fishtail}

{ Beautiful eyes- purples and greens are perfect for a more dramatic eye on your wedding day!}