A Cut Above the Rest

4 haircuts to try if you have long hair and want something new:

1.  A little past the shoulder and long, light layers.  The deep copper is also the perfect fall color

2. Add some eyelash grazing bangs like Lea Michele.

3. Long Bob.  Chic and classy & easy to maintain.

4. Medium length with lots of layers adds dimension & body.

Layered Hairstyles


Short Hair Rocks

So, last week when we posted the DIY hairstyles, we had some people request some looks for shorter hairstyles.  Ladies, don’t worry we love our “shorties” too!  Here are some great style ideas from owner, Ashley Stone.

  • Accessorize short hair.  Since short hairstyles tend to have fewer options when it comes to styling, accessorizing to match different looks can totally switch up your look.Headband with short hair

Short hair and headband

  • To switch it up, you can use clip-in or pin-in extensions!  We are a fan of extensions, especially if you want a dramatic look for a special occasion!
  • Mermaid Waves: I know it can be hard to curl short hair since there is not a lot of length, but waves are a beautiful option for normally straight short hair.

Short, wavy hair

Short wavy hair

Short & Sweet

Many women love to grow their hair out for that special event such as their wedding or a special event.  After having long hair for years, it can be very liberating to go with a trendy new cut.  A lot of our brides decide to do just that after their wedding and feel so fresh and light with their new style.  There are so many youthful & cute shorter haircuts that can improve and define your look.  Just contact us and one of our talented stylists will help you decide on your next look.

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 Here are a few inspirations!

{above is an adorable haircut from Salon Alexander in Newington}

Cute haircut on Jessica Simpson

super cute haircut