Editorial Avant Garde Photo Shoot

Winter time is definitely not as busy for wedding season so we like to express our creativity in different ways. Ashley Stone, the owner of Beauty Entourage and Salon Alexander, has a love affair with Editorial and Avant Garde hair and make up. You may have seen or heard of the annual Wigs for Kids Charity event that we put on each year to share that creativity for a cause. Those shows showcase Avant Garde hair to the extreme and leading up to it we like to share other aspects of this creative side in a Photo.  On Sunday February 17th we planned a shoot and went off to that creative space to do just that.  Unfortunately, upon completion of hair and make up prep we discovered the original photographer booked had a family emergency and wasn’t coming. Luckily, with the great relationships we have in the industry, Marisa from Sassy Mouth Photo was just a phone call away and saved the day!!  We loaded up the models and headed to the Sassy Space.

What Felt like an ambush photo shoot lol Marisa didn’t know what we would be walking in with!  She was up for the challenge and without much direction she created magic!! We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and we are grateful for her inviting us into the Sassy Space on short notice.

Check out the model prep pics and the final looks!


Check out more photos of our Avant Garde work and our Charity event Wigs For Kids on Face Book!!


Hair: Ashley Stone

Make Up: Kyle Samolik

Models: Samantha Mally, Amber Beauvillier

Photo: Sassy Mouth Photography