DIY Winged Eyeliner

Sometimes it’s fun to play with makeup and try new things.  At Beauty Entourage we are always experiencing with new makeup trends, colors, and styles. A pretty easy DIY technique is the Winged Eyeliner.  It’s perfect for a night out and brightens your eyes and makes them look more sultry and almond-shaped.  All you need is a black liquid liner, some  neutral eye shadow, a little concealer and some great mascara. Voila, you have “Cleopatra Eyes.”

STEP  1:

Apply Concealer to the under eye area & over the top eyelid. This will create the perfect base for your liner, by evening out your skin tone, preventing smudging and helping your liner last longer.


Apply a neutral Eye shadow colour to your top lid from the lash line to your brow bone.


Start by drawing on liner with wild abandon- the beauty is, you can create a winged line in the clean up.  Apply your eyeliner (best to use liquid or gel) along your top lash line, with light feathery strokes. Apply from your Inner eye- Middle eye – Outer eye, taking it out a little further then usual. Go over the line to fill in any gaps and to build up a darker line.


Use a creamy concealer to clean up your line. Using a concealer brush, sweep under your eye, taking it all the way out to the corner and following the underneath of your eyeliner. By cleaning up under the eyeliner it creates a nice sharp line.


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