Hair Extensions

Let’s face it, sometimes having extra long, silky locks is something we all long for.  Whether you have short hair and just want to add some length or you have long hair and just want to add more body, Beauty Entourage has the professional staff to help you get the look you want with extensions. Fuller hair can make you look more feminine and if you have a special occassion coming up such as a wedding or a new career, it’s the perfect “Wow-factor” for your appearance.  From clip-ins, bonded, and pinned in- we can help you choose the best extensions for you.

Here are some recent clients that have gotten hair extensions.  Call today to learn more!

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{before&after Extensions}

{clip-in extensions}

{bonded hair extensions}

Veil or No Veil?

A lot of brides ask us if they should wear a veil or not on their wedding day.  The truth is, in a modern-day wedding, there are no rules with veils.  It is totally up to the bride and there is no right or wrong answer.  Since we see tons of brides throughout the year, we know that everyone has their own style and preference.  Maybe you do want a veil but want something more modern, we have seen it all!  You can also decide to make the veil as part of the ceremony and take it off for the reception.  Just let your hairdresser know what your choice is because veil or no veil- it’s an important part of your wedding day hairstyle.  Below are some options for everyone- veil-lovers or not! 🙂

{modern bride?  look at this gorgeous cage veil}

{not a lover of the veil? replace with a beautiful headpiece!}

{traditional bride but want to glam it up? Swarvorski crystals are your bff for veils}

DIY Winged Eyeliner

Sometimes it’s fun to play with makeup and try new things.  At Beauty Entourage we are always experiencing with new makeup trends, colors, and styles. A pretty easy DIY technique is the Winged Eyeliner.  It’s perfect for a night out and brightens your eyes and makes them look more sultry and almond-shaped.  All you need is a black liquid liner, some  neutral eye shadow, a little concealer and some great mascara. Voila, you have “Cleopatra Eyes.”

STEP  1:

Apply Concealer to the under eye area & over the top eyelid. This will create the perfect base for your liner, by evening out your skin tone, preventing smudging and helping your liner last longer.


Apply a neutral Eye shadow colour to your top lid from the lash line to your brow bone.


Start by drawing on liner with wild abandon- the beauty is, you can create a winged line in the clean up.  Apply your eyeliner (best to use liquid or gel) along your top lash line, with light feathery strokes. Apply from your Inner eye- Middle eye – Outer eye, taking it out a little further then usual. Go over the line to fill in any gaps and to build up a darker line.


Use a creamy concealer to clean up your line. Using a concealer brush, sweep under your eye, taking it all the way out to the corner and following the underneath of your eyeliner. By cleaning up under the eyeliner it creates a nice sharp line.

Calling All CT & MA Brides!

Calling All Brides in CT & MA

Being a trusted hair and make up team in the industry we are proud to be contacted regularly by producers and casting directors when they are in need of real brides for up coming shows!  Most recently TLC has reached out to us to send some brides their way!  Have you seen the show Four Weddings on TLC?  They are now looking for brides getting married in October, November or December in Ct or Mass.

Is that you?  Contact us today for more details to be considered!

Good Luck!

Ghouls Night Out

Thank you to everyone who attended Ashley’s RAW event last night at the Russian Lady!  You can also nominate Ashley Stone aka Blondie for RAW Hair Stylist of the year. You can vote daily until the 15th! Once nominated she will compete against other stylists and get the chance to represent CT! GO VOTE!

Our PINK Hair for Hope kicked off this month and so far it is going amazing.  If you have not yet, stop in to get your pink strand for only $10 and 100% of proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.  We are located at 32 Fenn Road in Newington. 🙂

Another way to help out the Breast Cancer Research Fund is to attend our next event which we get extremely excited about every year is our infamous Ghoul’s Night Out!  It is our 5th annual Ghou’sl Night and it is one of our favorite nights because we love seeing everyone’s amazing costumes and ideas!  Maybe you are dressing as a princess or emulating Natalie Portman’s look in Black Swan- either way, our hair and makeup team will be sure to perfect your costume.  Make sure to call us at (860) 667-7722 to reserve a slot! 🙂

October 26-27th

Friday 5-8pm

Saturday 3-6pm

  • $25 for hair OR makeup
  • $40 for BOTH hair and makeup

Bring in WHATEVER ideas you have and we will make it work!!  Just to get some creative juices flowing… a few inspirations we found below!

French Princess Costume

We ♥ Weddings

Beauty Entourage is FULL force in wedding season.  With October being one of the most popular months for a wedding in New England, our hair and makeup team is in wedding mode, traveling across New England to make our lovely brides and their wedding party even more beautiful.  We wanted to share some pictures of recent brides that we absolutely had a blast with!

{Hair: Ashley Stone, Assistant Carly, Make Up Artist: Kayle Photo: Melissa Arel}

{Bridal hair by Marlem with a beautiful floral accessory}

                                  {Make Up: Kayle A Salwocki. Hair: Ashley Stone}