Healthy Hair

Best hair tips for keeping your hair healthy from our experts at Salon Alexander and Beauty Entourage:

  • Use a heat protector to protect your hair from blow drying, straightening, and curling.  If you’re not protecting your hair from the heat of your hot tools, you’re likely killing your hair with heat damage. Many heat protectors lock in moisture, prevent heat damage, and seal the cuticle down giving the illusion of super shiny, healthy hair.  KMS makes a great leave in conditioner/heat protectant called “Quick Blow Dry”. Some more great heat protect products at Sebsatian “Trilliant” and Goldwell “Hot Form”.
  • Get a trim on monthly or at least every 8 weeks to avoid split ends & unhealthy hair.
  • Try deep conditioning your hair to maintain healthy tresses. Owner Ashley Stone recommends Penetrait Deep conditioner by Sebastian is one of my favorites.  Also, Schwarzkopf Q10 has an amazing shampoo, condition, and leave in spray that reconstructs the hair.  Using leave in conditioners will keep moisture in the hair, even in the older months the sun can be drying and damaging.
  • Use a sulfate free sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner, clarify every once or two weeks to keep hair free of pollutants and product build up
  • Do not brush wet hair instead use a wide tooth comb. Hair stretches up to 50% when wet so try not to pull it or put it into a tight pony tail either.
  • Healthy diet: In order to have healthy hair, it is important to maintain healthy diet habits with lots of water, fruits and vegetables.

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