Fall Color

Labor day is less than 2 weeks away which means fall is coming upon us.  Although it’s hard to say goodbye to the hot summer nights and beach trips, fall has it’s benefits too, especially in New England.  On top of all the beautiful landscape, it is a FUN time for hair.  Why not try a fun fall color this season or add some low-lights to your normally blonde hair?  The warmer colors in the fall can warm up your complexion and give you a fun look that is a refreshing change.

Also, ombre is a huge trend and looks good on almost everyone. You can ombre hair from light roots fading to darker ends which is the upside down ombre  or from dark roots to light ends.  A more trendy option if you want to add a little color is doing ombre with a brighter color such as blonde fading into red ends or violet ends etc.   For reds, vibrant coppers will be popular this season. For blondes, soften it up with a more cream or buttery blonde adding darker blonde tones for dimension.

Here are some ideas this fall to inspire your fall hair.

Pinned Image

{Natalie Portman- beautiful fall hair with caramel highlights}

Jessica Biel with ombre dark brown with lighter endsclassic blonde ombre


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